Viral Pin Challenge – Let’s Make Your Pin Go Viral

5-Day Viral Pin Challenge - Let's make your pin go viral

Are you wasting your time and money on Pinterest without getting much traffic?

Join me in this challenge and I will help you make your pins go viral!

“Pinning and hoping” doesn’t work, you need an actual workable strategy to get traffic from the platform.

I have been around on several Facebook groups and it seems like there are people who get tons of traffic from Pinterest, even hundreds of thousands page views a day.

I Had Trouble With Pinterest

To tell you the truth, I have had trouble getting traffic from Pinterest myself, so I definitely understand where you are coming from.

I spent weeks researching the subject, collecting all the available information, leaving no stone unturned.

I have put together the information I found into this 10,000-word ultimate Pinterest post where you can find all the basics, without the need to read 50 other posts. I recommend that you read it.

I also went through a few paid courses/e-books and with this challenge I am putting the information into use.

It’s very simple – if you are not getting traffic, you are taking the wrong actions, pinning the wrong pins to the wrong boards, spending your money on the wrong things.

What Does “Viral Pin” Mean?

It’s simply a pin that suddenly starts to send an insane amount of traffic to your blog, could be thousands of page views.

Creating such pins is the way to get REAL traffic.

How Do You Make A Pin Go Viral?

1. People need a reason to visit your blog.

Many people forget about this step. If your blog is crap, driving traffic to is will do no good.

You either need a thorough blog post like the one linked to above, a useful app, software, or a challenge like this.

2. A pin that people will want to click through.

This includes the image and also the text needs to inspire people to find out more.

3. Engagement with your pins.

More repins can make a pin viral on Pinterest.

So do click-throughs, comments.

Pinterest wants to show content to its users that gets engagement.

If it shows your pin 1,000 times and it only gets 10 close-ups, 3 repins and 2 clicks, it will stop showing it.

4. Quality boards

Your pin needs to be repinned to relevant and high quality boards.

Don’t repin a pin on blogging to a board on recipes. It just confuses Pinterest.

If your pin is on a board that has a 4.0 repin rate, its chances to go viral are much higher.

If the repin rate of your group boards is 0.1, you are wasting your time (and money if your are using Boardbooster).

Join My 5-Day Viral Pin Challenge

This is the first time I am doing this challenge, therefore I can’t provide you with social proof or statistics of success.

It’s up to you to participate, I have no guarantees.

But I am convinced that it will work.

The inspiration came from the Facebook group repin threads I participated in.

We can make pins go viral with a coordinated group activity.

This is what you can expect, depending on participation:

  1. You submit a pin that you want to go viral.
  2. I will repin all pins submitted to me to relevant boards that I designate.
  3. You will repin 10 pins a day to relevant group boards for 5 days.
  4. You will leave a comment and click through the same 10 pins every day.
  5. There will be 50 people assigned to a board who will do the same. This means your pin will be saved, commented and clicked through 100 times in 10 days.
  6. Because of all the activity, the board will also increase in authority, making it even more likely that your pin gets shown.
  7. If successful, we may repeat with another pin.

We are starting with the following subjects:

  • Blogging
  • Recipes
  • Beauty
  • Travel

If we have enough participants, these will be broken down into sub-categories, such as email marketing, social media, etc.

If you want another category added, leave a comment below.

I am going to run this through email and a Google spreadsheet, therefore you don’t need to be worried about Facebook deleting your links.

If you want to join, you will need to sign up with this specific Viral Pin Challenge opt-in form and you will be emailed the instructions.

Regardless if you want to participate or not, please repin this, so that those interested will find out:

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