Tips to Save Money for Down Payment for New Home Loan

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Buying a new home definitely entails a lot of things. You need to work hard to get a home which is worth the toil you did. You need to save money, take a home loan and to be exact, taking home loan in Delhi could be pretty cumbersome at times. Down payment for your house is a necessary first step and you should always play it right. One bad move and you would land yourself in a soup faster than you could recover.


There are several tips which you need to follow diligently to save money for an effective down payment for your home,

  1. HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED TO SAVE: Home loan calculator basically gives you a rough idea as to how much you will be getting as an effective loan amount. So you need to start saving for a streamlined process of down payment otherwise things could go awry. In a matter of speaking, the housing expenses should not exceed 28% of your overall salary and that is saying something. Also you should be considering other expenses which would be important like mortgage costs, maintenance and other costs. Calculations would be necessary to figure this out and only then everything would work out.
  1. TIMEFRAME: The next step to determine is the time requiring for the saving, the down payment and other expenses. How much time will you actually need to save the set amount of money is also the key. The home loan eligibility is an important factor which will determine if you can take the home loan or not. For example, if you want to take a home in the next 6 years, you will have to divide your savings accordingly.
  1. BEST WAY TO SAVE FOR DOWNPAYMENT: You have a budget on which you need to fulfill your dream of taking a house. You have selected a timeframe on which you would be able to accumulate some money for your house. Now, you also need to think about some measures to reach that timeframe by choosing a means to save. You need to invest in multiple options like real estate, mutual funds and other different options. There would be times when you would be able to make good on your savings, but you can’t be too sure.
  1. HAVE A FLEXIBLE BUDGET: You need to save a lot of money for your home but you need to have an open budget plus there are a lot of savings to be done. Making your down payment would not be possible if you have a stiff budget.
  1. SET UP A SAVINGS PLAN: An essential step to reach and the most vital one as well. An effective savings plan goes a long way to reach your goal. You might have a lot of expenses to cover, but you also need to save something.


Making a great start is necessary if you are to reach your goal without any hassles. Similarly, essential step for down payment is necessary so that you would be able to complete the down payment and all the other procedures effectively.

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